Veritas Album cover design

Veritas Album Cover

Veritas Album back cover design

Veritas Album Back Cover


Don’t shoot the messenger

Native Spikes Digital Collage

Native Spikes

Follow the Light by Chema Mendez

Follow the Light [Traditional Collage]




A man of ideas

el pari by chemam

El Pari

devolution by chema mendez


Digital Collage Series Statement

At times in life, it takes a severe loss to bring to light one’s own reality. Recently, two dear friends were taken from me, and with their loss I realized that with each day comes infinite potential, of which I was not utilizing to the fullest. Being a digital artist, the possibilities of my work range from the mundane, to the surreal, to the other worldly, and as my friends no longer had the chance to explore these things, I felt it my responsibility to do so for them. With this, I began creating a series of collages. Though made without tape and glue, they were purely digital and gathered from the various facets of my collective conscious and unconscious; ripped from my mind and placed directly without any filter or preconceived notions of what they are, or will ultimately be. With each piece, I find myself less and less in control of the images on the page, and how they are arranged, and am finding more an more that they are more so the product of my consciousness streaming onto the page than anything that I could predict or prepare. Looking to the future, I can say that the greatest thrill I stand to gain is to be able to share with you the products of digital day dreams and discovering what will materialize with each coming piece.


Daughters of Temis

the scent by chema mendez

The Scent


Communication Fuzz


Warm Waters


A Branch’s Complex


Tension Marciana


The Error in Time




The Way In


Miss Teardrops

First piece from an ongoing experimental series of digital collages.