Veritas Album cover design

Veritas Album Cover

Veritas Album back cover design

Veritas Album Back Cover


KARMA Clothing label


Karma tshirt design #1

Karma Clothing logo design bavaro punta cana

KARMA Clothing Branding

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CaribeWake Branding

CaribWake Wakeboarding Poster Graphic design Cabarete

CaribWake Wakeboarding poster

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Rave21 poster design bavaro punta cana

Rave 21 party poster

Ladies night flyer design

Ladies Night flyer

soni hill electronic flyer design bavaro punta cana

Soni Hill Flyer

super bowl xlvii poster design

Super bowl xvii poster

super bowl xlvii flyer design

Super bowl xvii flyer

hot dogz branding logo design bavaro punta cana

Hot Dogz Branding


Caribbean networkds branding

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Fashion poster design

Arte y Cafe poster diseño grafico bavaro punta cana

Arte y Cafe poster

Space Invaders poster design bavaro punta cana

Space Invaders Party Poster

electro rock poster design bavaro punta cana

Electro Rock Poster

Alibabar grand opening poster design bavaro punta cana

Alibabar Grand Opening poster

Alibabar logo design bavaro punta cana

Alibabar Branding

Whales of Samana Branding design logo diseño grafico bavaro punta cana

Whales of Samana Excursion Branding

Whales of Samana Excursion infographic Advertising design punta cana

Whales of Samana Infographic & Advertising

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Laguna Limon VIP Excursion branding design bavaro punta cana

Laguna Limon VIP Branding

Samana Explorer logo design punta cana

Samana Explorer Excursion Identity

Samana Explorer Advertising design samana punta cana

Samana Explorer Excursion Advertising

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Sailing at Cap Cana Advertising design punta cana

Sailing at Cap Cana Advertising

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Taino Secrets Excursion diseño grafico carpeta bavaro punta cana

Taino Secrets Excursion Advertising

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Taino Secrets Stamp Design

Taino Secrets Excursion logo graphic design bavaro punta cana

Taino Secrets Excursion Branding


CultourAll Branding Folder

Corporate folder for CultourAll Excursions Company


CultourAll Branding

Donut Festival poster graphic design bavaro punta cana

Donut Festival Poster

Bavaro Runners Adventures Logo graphic design bavaro punta cana

Bavaro Runners Adventures

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oasis beach club and restauran logo

Oasis Beach Club & Restaurant

Diseño Grafico Bavaro Punta Cana

Canopy Adventures logo & advertising

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Don’t shoot the messenger

Info caribe logo

Info Caribe Proposal

Red dragon chinese bistro logo design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

Red Dragon Chinese Bistro

FMF events logo design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

FMF Events Logo

Submarinos sandwich shop logo design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

Submarinos logo

Kawama bar logo design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

Kawama Bar Logo

Kite Surfing Punta Cana Festival 2012 design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

Kite Fest 2012 Punta Cana

Trends logo clothing store design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

Trends Store Logo

Native Spikes Digital Collage

Native Spikes

KUDOS poster event electronic music design punta cana diseño grafico bavaro

KUDOS Poster

Cinema 4 & Photoshop poster

Andres Fresko Poster

Raul Ortiz Carnaval

Carnaval Poster Raul Ortiz



Follow the Light by Chema Mendez

Follow the Light [Traditional Collage]

surf break wave painted with posca markers over an old tropical painting

Shore break painted over an old tropical painting

mah longboard

Sector 9® Longboard Restoration & Painting

surfing poster

Macao Surfing Contest Poster/Illustration

logo macao flor cayena

Macao Surf Camp

Cigar Country

Cigar Country Identity


Two Hand Tools website

two hand tools

Two Hand Tools Logo


Andres Fresko Poster


Ivan Pica Poster


DJ Scooter Poster

Imagine Punta Cana Bodyglow poster

Body Glow Poster




A man of ideas

el pari by chemam

El Pari

devolution by chema mendez


Digital Collage Series Statement

At times in life, it takes a severe loss to bring to light one’s own reality. Recently, two dear friends were taken from me, and with their loss I realized that with each day comes infinite potential, of which I was not utilizing to the fullest. Being a digital artist, the possibilities of my work range from the mundane, to the surreal, to the other worldly, and as my friends no longer had the chance to explore these things, I felt it my responsibility to do so for them. With this, I began creating a series of collages. Though made without tape and glue, they were purely digital and gathered from the various facets of my collective conscious and unconscious; ripped from my mind and placed directly without any filter or preconceived notions of what they are, or will ultimately be. With each piece, I find myself less and less in control of the images on the page, and how they are arranged, and am finding more an more that they are more so the product of my consciousness streaming onto the page than anything that I could predict or prepare. Looking to the future, I can say that the greatest thrill I stand to gain is to be able to share with you the products of digital day dreams and discovering what will materialize with each coming piece.


Daughters of Temis

the scent by chema mendez

The Scent


Communication Fuzz


Warm Waters


A Branch’s Complex


Tension Marciana


The Error in Time




The Way In


Miss Teardrops

First piece from an ongoing experimental series of digital collages.


Electro House Party

Poster Design for an electronic music event at Imagine Punta Cana


Imagine punta cana

Identity redesign for Imagine Punta Cana.

I will upload a study on the redesigning of the brand soon.


Burnin up

Poster design for a fire show party at Imagine Punta Cana


Eco Adventures

Identity design for a ecological tour agency in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.


Visit New York POSTER



Tiki mask illustration used in promotional applications for a tribal music party at Imagine Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic


Heinz Organic Ketchup Advertising

Advertising design proposal for Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup


Alex guerrero “imagine” release party

Poster design for the release of Imagine Punta Cana’s song “Imagine”, produced and performed by Alex Guerrero


Always Drink Mojito

Label design for an upcoming mojito drink in Spain.


Imagine Punta Cana 2nd Anniversary

Poster design for Imagine Punta Cana’s second anniversary party.


Web design for online receipt management start up based in New York City.


Hungry GTA

Identity design for a Toronto based Restaurant review start up.


Imagine Punta Cana

Event poster design for one of the most unique clubs in the world, Imagine Punta Cana.



Poster design for a party at Soles Beach Bar


Asociacion de Hoteles

Illustration design proposal for an urban area map of Bavaro-Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.


NTD Ingredientes

Product Catalog design for the leading importer in the Dominican Republic for baking and pastry ingredients.

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Las Leñas Bakery

Promotional poster for Las Leñas Bakery in Bavaro, Punta Cana, DR.



Identity design and presentation for a start up company in New York City.

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La Creperie

Identity and menu design.

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Hard Rock Cafe

Poster design for Mexico’s Independence Day at the Hard Rock Cafe in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Funky Monkey Productions

Identity design for an event production company based in Spain and in the Dominican Republic



Poster design for an electronic music party at Imagine Punta Cana


Addiction Tattoos NYC

Logo design proposal for Addiction NYC, tattoo shop in downtown Manhattan.