Hi, I’m mendezmendez.

Born in Spain in 1987, and raised in the Caribbean in the 90s and 00s. My introduction to graphic design was through Internet forums, back when avatars and signatures were a thing. I was lucky to attend art school in New York at FIT, where I was exposed to all sorts of art styles.


An unfortunate chain of events took place right after college, which forced me to reconsider what I was doing with my career, and life in general. I decided I would stop creating advertising and corporate design, and focused my design skills on creating artistic pieces, that had more meaning than SELL SELL SELL BUY BUY BUY. In other words, I quit making restaurant menus, and took on creating album covers. This was how I first got introduced to the music business.


Shortly after I got some amazing clients that allowed me to create my weird art to promote their events. I met many amazing electronic music artists this way, and also began a second career as an electronic music producer, DJ and promoter. One day I decided I would pitch my artwork to my favorite record label: Dirtybird. I created a couple of pieces and shot them an email, with very low expectations… To my surprise they got back to me, and within a couple of months I began creating artwork for them! Today I am the lead designer for Dirtybird, in charge of creating apparel designs, event artwork, and many other graphics.


Currently I’m also the Art Director at Kittball Records, where I’ve been creating the cover artworks for their catalogue since 2017. Other current clients include Endangered Records out of Brooklyn, and Island Beats. Recently I’ve been collaborating with my amazing wife in animation projects. She adds the magic of motion design to the artwork that I create. Together, we make a kickass team!

mendezmendez art